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Pascal Hurni

Datasets in Showcase

These datasets are not (yet) available on opendata.swiss.

this is the title

this is a secondary title


some introductory text: might be bold text or might be in italics ...

simple format overview

single asterisks

single underscores

double asterisks

double underscores

triple asterisks

triple underscores



This is an example inline link with a title attribute when hovering. Synthax: [an example](http://example.com/ "yeah, an overlay text :)")

This link has no title attribute.

indented texts

This is the first level of quoting.

This is nested blockquote.

Back to the first level.

list of items

ordered list

  1. Bird
  2. McHale
  3. Parish

unordered list

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • list item with a blockquote:

    This is a blockquote inside a list item.

  • A list item with a code block:

    code goes here


  • list
  • of
  • items

indented text

This is a header.

  1. This is the first list item.
  2. This is the second list item.

Here's some example code:

return shell_exec("echo $input | $markdown_script");

zero space

one space

two spaces

and three spaces

and four spaces

 and five spaces

  and six spaces

   and seven spaces

> and zero space

> and one space

> and two space

> and three space

> and four space

> and five space (no escaping with backslash is required. As this would be problematic when displaying code...)

Escaping characters

  1. A book by Orwell

  2. Live Aid-Konzert in Philadelphia

1984. A book by Orwell

1985. Live Aid-Konzert in Philadelphia > when a list has been escaped, no backslash is required until a new list has been started.

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