Looking for data?

Are you trying to find datasets which are not included in our catalogue? You can contact us to request publication of these datasets.

  • Email us at opendata(at)bfs.admin.ch

Have you developed an application?

Have you developed an application reusing data referenced on opendata.swiss? Contact us so we can make sure you are published in our application catalogue.

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Do you want to send us data?

The aim of this portal is to reference all OGD of the Confederation, cantons and communes in Switzerland. Third parties – parastate enterprises, persons carrying out tasks for the Confederation, cantons or communes – are also invited to publish their data provided that they are of public interest and even if they are already referenced on other websites.

Do you wish to provide open access to data from your organisation on opendata.swiss?

  • Email us at opendata(at)bfs.admin.ch
  • Take a look at initial information on how to publish OGD