is the Swiss authorities’ portal for open – i.e. freely available – data. It is part of the Federal Council’s Open Government Data Strategy for Switzerland 2014-2018.

The Confederation, cantons and communes as well as other organisations with a mandate from the state publish their open data on The portal brings together a wide range of datasets such as Swiss communal boundaries, population statistics, current weather data, historical documents and health insurance premiums. All the datasets can be downloaded free of charge and exploited. They are also subject to uniform terms of use.

What is

Background: the OGD strategy

The portal has been created by the participating organisations as one of the measures derived from the Open Government Data Strategy for Switzerland 2014-2018. It replaces the pilot portal is operated by the Swiss Federal Archives. The other activities related to the OGD strategy are conducted by the OGD Switzerland project and are documented here.

What happens next?

The Federal Archives will be incorporating more organisations and datasets into the portal on an ongoing basis. If you would like to publish data from your organisation on, please feel free to contact us. Instructions for data owners can also be found in the OGD Handbook. News about the portal can be found on the Federal Archives’ website or Twitter account. The Federal Archives and their partners will be further optimising the portal during 2016.

Organisations involved

The following organisations have played a role in the creation of A list of the organisations that publish data can be found here.