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Passenger frequencies at SBB stations and stops according to ‘Ein-Aussteiger Datenbank’ Last update Sept. 2019 with 2018 figures. The figures include the number of boarding and alighting passengers for the following transport companies: BLS, MGB, MOB, Oensingen-Balsthal-Bahn, RegionAlps, RhB, SBB, SBB GmbH, SOB, SZU, Thurbo, TILO, TRAVYS, Zentralbahn. For larger stations, the comments state which rail transport companies are not included in the figures for which stations. The list comprises all stations belonging to MGB, RhB, SBB, SOB, Thurbo or Zentralbahn that are operated to a relevant extent by these transport companies or one of their subsidiaries. Explanation of designationsStop abbreviation = Didok code for the station/stop (Didok: service documentation). Station_Stop = Name of the station/stop. Canton = What canton the station/stop belongs to. Owner = Owner of the station (infrastructure manager). ADT = Average daily traffic (Monday to Sunday) in 2018. AWT = Average weekday traffic volume (Monday to Friday) in 2018. ANWT = Average non-weekday traffic volume (Saturdays, Sunday, public holidays) in 2018. Comments for additional information on the entry. Detailed information about the stations and stops, e.g. their coordinates, is available in the list of station and stop names published on behalf of the FOT:


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